Alumni of the group

MSc graduates
Katherine Edgley
MSc in Computational Applied Mathematics, 2019

Katherine studied Applied Mathematics at Brown University (USA) and completed an MSc in Computational Applied Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh. She had previously worked as a counselor at a summer youth camp and had taught English as a foreign language in Germany.

- Thesis: Sleep and activity analysis of stroke patients using wrist-worn sensor data

- Now: Katherine is working in data science and plans on pursuing primarily biomedical applications

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Mohamed Donia
MSc in Computational Applied Mathematics, 2019

Mohamed studied Mechanical Engineering at the American University in Cairo, had 2 years of research experience in oilfield products simulation and another 2 years in cardiovascular statistical image analysis and blood dynamics simulation before completing his MSc. He is interested in Statistical Learning, Decision Sciences and their applications to natural language processing, population health, economic policy, and social sciences.

- Thesis: Thorough empirical comparison of statistical learners in binary and multi-class classification settings

- Now: Mohamed is working as a data manager in a start-up in Egypt

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Katerina Christopoulou
MSc in Computational Applied Mathematics, 2019

Katerina completed her BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Patras graduating as the second best student of her cohort, before studying for her MSc in Computational Applied Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh. She had worked as a personal tutor delivering courses in mathematics, physics, and programming.

- Thesis: An investigation into ensemble statistical learning with applications in XG Boosting

- Now: Katerina is working at a cloud-based analytics company in Edinburgh

Dimitrios Doudesis
MSc in Medical Statistics, 2018

Dimitrios studied Statistics at the Athens University of Economics and Business, and completed an MSc in Medical Statistics at the University of Southampton (2018). He has also completed an online micro-Masters program in Data Science offered by the University of California San Diego. He had previously worked as a Data Analyst at Predicta S.A.

- Thesis: Feature selection algorithms for the development of parsimonious statistical learning models

- Now: Dimitrios is pursuing a PhD at the DARTH group

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Sean Nolan
MSc in Computational Applied Mathematics, 2018

Sean studied Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at Trinity College Dublin (First class), before competing his MSc in Computational Applied Mathematics (Distinction). He had previously worked as a trader intern in Dublin and as a research internet in computational physics at CRANN.

- Thesis: Dimensionality reduction in machine learning

- Now: Sean has moved into proprietary trading and market making and is currently working for a quant fund in London. He uses machine learning techniques to predict market directions and execute optimal trades.

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Douglas Wyllie
Visiting undergraduate research student, summer 2019

Douglas is studying Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Glasgow. He worked at DARTH for 12 weeks over the summer period just before starting his 4th year (of a 5 year MPhys degree). His work uses wearable devices on the wrist that measure movement to determine the sleeping patterns of post stroke patients.

- Worked on mining smartwatch data to characterize stroke patients

- Now: Douglas is continuing his undergraduate degree at the University of Glasgow

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